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Senior High School


The introduction of Junior High School


In order to meet the demand of students’ individual growth, the Middle School implements course selection and mobile class division system thoroughly, blending advanced teaching resources and creating the international education system which is suitable for the development of Chinese juvenile. The Middle School motivates every teenager to develop independently by excellent teachers, progressive mobile class division system, abundant course selections, elaborate management service, which can fully activate students’ development motivation.


  •    Small class size      Stratified teaching

Small class size is adopted, with 25 students in every class. Teacher concentrates more on every student’s need. According to students’ actual conditions, stratified teaching and mobile class division system are carried out, which can satisfy every student’s need. Group cooperative learning and communication can promote students’ initiative and fully excavate students’ potential.


  •   English characteristics   Noticeable achievements

The Middle School blends high quality education at home and abroad, developing school-based teaching materials and starting curriculums such as bilingual teaching of math, bilingual teaching of biology, spoken English, English listening, IP English, English elective course, business economics. All the courses are all taught by foreign teachers to help students break through the bottleneck of English learning, build good English thinking and improve English application ability.


  • A combination of Chinese and Western styles   High quality teaching staff       

High quality teaching materials of International education are made up by highly educated foreign teachers, returnees with master’s degree and doctor’s degree and experienced Chinese teachers.


  •  Mentor leading    Elaborate Management

Tutorial system is fully implemented, with one tutor managing 10 students. Tutors with timely and elaborate education guidance, psychological intervention and career planning help students improve learning method, enhance learning ability and cooperate with teachers of other subjects promote students’ comprehensive quality.