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Elementary School


The Introduction of Elementary School


  The beginning of happiness- International Primary School

High-quality education, international environment, ethical education, community services, internationalized curriculum system…

Build the Chinese soul and nurture international elite: this is our goal. The Primary School is creating an environment where each child can achieve ideal development, encouraging the ship of the happy childhood to set sail into their dreams.


  Internationalized Curriculum System

Applying full-curriculum educationNurturing whole person Educating students through the whole semester. Developing its textbooks independently, the Primary school established internationalized courses and interest-oriented classes. Students could select from 77 selective courses through the online platform.


  High-quality Teaching

The tutorial system has been implemented comprehensively, therefore every student could get one to one attention. Succeeding in integrating Chinese and Western teaching strategies, the academic quality of the Primary school is among the top of Haidian district.


  Qualified Teachers

In the Primary school, 96% of teachers own a bachelor degree or above, among which, 30% teachers have master degree or above. Half of the teachers possess senior professional titles. The whole staff team is dedicated, professional and charismatic.


  Various activities

In order to motivate students’ integrated development, the Primary school organize various activities, including trade festival, sports festival, art festival, reading festival, English festival and drama festival.


  International Environment

Having the experienced foreign teachers at their side, students love competing motivated by the English contests. The projects of World Classroom and Global Trip provide opportunities to each student to study abroad.


  Ethical Education

Cultivating habits through etiquette education. Promoting culture through full-curriculum education. Preparing today’s minds face tomorrow’s increasingly global, competitive world.


  Community Service

Thanks to the nutritious diet, the comfortable dormitory and the gorgeous campus, students can feel as warm as home. Students and families can enjoy the satisfying services from the parents opening day, the class birthday parties and the master speeches on campus.