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Great News: Students Achieving Amazing Results in AP


In July, our high school received great news in Advanced Placement (AP). The passing rate was 93% with 185 students taking AP tests, increasing by 1% compared with last year. Also this rate surpassed Chinese students’ average passing rate by 14% and surpassed the world’s average passing rate by 33%.

Among all the students, Zelin Gan from Grade 11 received full scores (5) in 7 subjects, and Jin Cai from Grade 12 received full scores (5) in 6 subjects. Normally, the school opens Pre AP courses for students in preparation for their AP courses in Grade 11. Surprisingly, this year some students from Grade 10 took part in 2 AP tests, Calculus BC and Physics C, with a full score rate of 96.5%. Twenty-six Grade 10 students took Calculus BC and they all achieved the full score of 5 with a full score rate of 100%. These results lay a solid foundation for the students to get admitted to a prestigious university.